Carl Fredricksen UP Chaser 2013 Pixar Mystery Gold Balloon Puzzle Piece Disney Pin B02


Limited Edition of 200
Pixar Mystery Series

This is the top-left piece of the LE200 CHASER puzzle for Disney's Pixar UP, featuring Carl Fredricksen, waving out of the window in his house. The green background is glittery. Each pin measures 1.75 x 1.25". The 80-pin Pixar Mystery Pin Collection from 2013 featured four-piece puzzles from ten different Pixar films. The silver-backed Limited Release pieces that came in the two-pin boxes formed a picture of a PURPLE Balloon surrounded by four characters from a film. These Mystery boxes also contained gold-backed LE200 CHASER pins which formed the same picture with a GOLD Balloon in the center.


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