Hatbox Ghost Doombuggy O-Pin House Haunted Mansion DLR Disney Pin C08


Limited Edition of 999
Disneyland Resort Exclusive

This limited release pin features the legendary Hat Box ghost in the Hitchhiking Ghost scene inside The Haunted Mansion® Attraction at Disneyland® Park. The Hat Box ghost was found in The Haunted Mansion for a short period in its early history before he "dematerialized" into Disney Theme Park history. The back of this pin has a silver Mickey icon waffle pattern with two pin posts, one at the top left and one at the bottom right sides. Below the top post is a box with the Official 2009 Pin Trading logo,a nd to the right of that is the O'Pin House logo. Below that it says LIMITED EDITION of 999. Below that to the left is has "EST. 1969" and to the right of that is reads: (c)DISNEY CHINA. The pin includes further secrets which can be revealed with the black light lanyard accessory. Monty Maldovan of the Disney Design group created the original artwork for this pin.


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