Jiminy Cricket Enchanted Emblems 2020 Pinocchio Disney Pin T01


Limited Edition of 3000
Enchanted Emblems Series

Jiminy, from the film Pinocchio, was released in November 2020 as part of a pin-of-the-month series. It is round with the center being able to spin. The gold pin has a ruby center surrounded in gold. A gold embossed compass adorns the center of the pin. There are two ruby gems on each side of the pin outer ring and is embossed the words “I Dub You Lord High Keeper of the Knowledge of Right & Wrong & Guide Along the Straight & Narrow Path”. The flip side is of Jiminy Cricket holding his red umbrella in his right hand and looking out a window, smiling at the Evening Star. His left hand is holding his medal up to the sky. He is wearing white gloves and the collar on his black coat is white. Brown shoes are capped in black with black laces. His hat is a light blue with a green band. The waffle-back has two posts; one at the top of the pin and one at the bottom. Each post has two nubs. On one side of the pin is a box reading, “@Disney Made In China”. Next to it is a box reading “Limited Edition of 3000”.


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