Mickey & Minnie Mouse Star Festival 2013 JDS Japan Disney Pin C07


Japan Exclusive
Card Bent, see picture

This pin celebrates the "Star Festival July 7,2013" and were sold 2 weeks(June 26-July 7,2013). Tanabata(the star festival in Japanese) Mickey and Minnie are raising their eyes and holding hands with each other and dressed in Tanabata style clothing. Mickey is in pastel colors of purple, blue, and green with pastel blue hat,Minnie is in pink, purple and yellow with Tanabata style tiara.Their hat, tiara, sashes are ornamented with yellow stars. An elliptical shape in vivid purple surrounds Mickey and Minnie, and has one Mickey shape with some bamboo leaves on left side of it. Dangle has wording " Disney's Star Festival 7/7, 2013". The collar and cuff of Mickey and Minnie's clothes, the elliptical shape and Mickey shape are sparkled. This pin back has Tokyo Disney Resort 30th anniversary logo("30" with the "0" being a stylized Mickey head's profile) and pin collecting logo. And says Tokyo Disneyland ©Disney


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