Olaf Wishes I Wish I was Chilling Frozen MOG WDI Disney Pin C06


Limited Edition of 300
Walt Disney Imagineering Exclusive

One of five I WISH pins released at Mickey's of Glendale on 13 Jul 2023 as "WISHES Series 2". Each Jumbo pin is shaped like a cloud and has a solid-colored frame. The inside background, behind the character and slogan, is a starry, shimmering blue sky filled with quasi-constellations resembling items/scenes from the character's movie in a faint outline. The frame, characters and slogans (everything but the inside background) are one large pin-on-pin element. All of the cute-style characters face right and lean forward a bit, dreamily looking at the stars. This pin features Olaf, the snowman from the animated FROZEN movies, leaning on a large ice crystal. The border is blue snow with snowflakes scattered around on it. The white banner has orange text that reads "I Wish ... I was Chilling in the Summer Sun!" Olaf has sticks for arms and a carrot for a nose. WISHES Series 2 includes Moana, Rapunzel, Judy Hopps, and Olaf.


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