Stitch & Belle Stitch's Action Adventure Beauty and The Beast Disney Pin B03


Limited Edition of 1500
Walt Disney World Exclusive

Belle looks a little worried in this Limited Edition pin. It appears she has a new dance partner - Stitch! Part of "Stitch's Action Adventure," Stitch has invaded the Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage show at the Disney-MGM Studios. Belle and Stitch dance from side to side. The background is a blue framed window or screen. Stitch is wearing blue tails. In the upper right corner is a logo for the series which is a glittery red star with the words "Stitch's Action Adventure" and a small black Mickey head. This pin is part of a collection of pins created for "Stitch's Action Adventure" being released at the Disney-MGM Studios. Size is 2" h x 1 1/2" w (2" w when Belle and Stitch are at the far left of the slide). Adding for search purposes: slider/slides


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