Chip Cereal Box Chips Coco Chips Beauty & the Beast Disney Pin C07


Limited Edition of 4000
Disney Parks Exclusive

This is a hinged pin with the addition of a hidden dangle. The front of this pin looks like nothing more then a parody cereal box. An yellow bar shape in the top advertises that this cereal is "Filled With Bubbles-Warning Chipped Mugs May Spill-Free Gray Stuff Included!” Below this shape is a dark brown background. “Chip's Coco Chips" are written in Yellow Blue and Purple lettering. Chip himself is spilling milk below. There are 2 pale yellow napkins dancing to his right. The background is light brown. Three tab-like boxes, blue, pink, and purple, run along the bottom right that include the numbers for things like calories and such. These numbers include “09 | 29 | 91” which also doubles as September 29, 1991 which was the theatrical release date for Beauty and the Beast. A dark brown banner to the right of these tabs states “Surprise Inside Box!” This “box” opens like a book and the dangle gimmick falls out with the an blue and yellow desert bowl full of white whipped stuff, probably supposed to be the gray stuff. On the left of the open box is a classic cereal box game “Which Two Roses Are The Same” with four domed enchanted roses embossed below the title. A photo print of a bag of cereal of coco puffs is placed to the right. 


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