Donald Duck New Years Tsudzumi Hand Drum Japan Disney Pin B05


Limited Edition of 1000
Frame Set Piece 
Japan Exclusive

The base of the pin is cloisonne style, whilst the top layer is coating type (but thicker and higher quality than other coating pins). The entire set is absolutely beautiful, with each pin designed to reflect some aspect of Japanese New Year tradition. This particular pin is of Donald: The base is a "uchide no kozuchi", which basically translates as "treasure hammer". (you shake this 'hammer' and it is meant to bring you 'treasure', such as good luck, wealth, happy thoughts, etc.) The top layer has Donald playing with a "den den daiko" which is a little hand drum (you would have seen them on the Karate Kid movie). When you twist the drum, the little beads on threads hit the drum to make it beat.


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