Jerry Jumbeaux Jr Elephant Zootopia Pin Trading Night PTN DLRP Paris Disney Pin C07


Limited Edition of 400
Paris Exclusive

This PTN pin, released at the May 31, 2019 Pin Trading Night at Disneyland Paris, features Jerry Jumbeaux Jr., the yak from the movie Zootopia. There is a red border around the pin which says in white Pin Trading Night and at the bottom is Disneyland Paris. There is a gold tone banner across the pin. On the dark blue background are a glow in the dark moon and stars. Gold finished 1 pin post with 1 nub at the right and 2 silvery round bumps below Back stamped with lined up Mickey heads. The official pin trading logo 2019 © Disney Made in China Disneyland ® P A R I S EDITION LIMITEE XXX/400


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