Mermaid Lagoon Mystery Box - Loungefly x PBTI x Disney


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Mermaids from Peter Pan's Mermaid Lagoon

Loungefly x PBTI Mystery Pin Box

Limited Edition of 200
(Not Backstamped with Limited Edition Size)

Authorized (C) Disney & Loungefly
Pins Break the Internet Exclusive

One of my favorites, the Mermaid from Peter Pan's Lagoon. These pins measure approx 2 inches and are super beautiful. Each Mystery box has ONE pin at random. You can only get these pins here from 


Front Description

Loungefly mystery box pin set released by Pins Break the Internet featuring the Mermaids from Mermaid Lagoon: Visola, Atlanteia, Chelan, Arika, Adamaris, and Penelope. This is a six pin mystery pin set. Only 200 of each mermaid have been produced. Pins are not backstamped with limited edition size. Visola, Mermaid #1, is sitting on a purple rock doing her makeup with a shell compact. Visola has blond hair. Atlanteia, Mermaid #2, is posing with one had behind her head. Atlanteia has orange hair and a shell bra. Penelope, Mermaid #3, is sitting holding her head wearing a white lei. Penelope has blond hair and is the only one without a shell bra Arika, Mermaid #4, is swimming with her hands in the air. Arika has dark hair and has purple starfish bra Adamaris, Mermaid #5, is sitting with her hands behind her head and is wearing a gold crown. Adamaris has dark hair and light purple shell bra. Chelan, Mermaid #6, is posing playing a harp. Chelan has red hair and a glitter tail. She is the only one with a glitter tail from the series. All pins are approx 2 inches tall. Find the set on  Set #149420 , Visola #149421 , Atlanteia #149422 , Penelope #149423 , Arika #149424 , Adamaris #149425 , Chelan #149426

Back Description
Each pin features Loungefly's gold metal crown waffle pattern on the upper half. The bottom half of the pins are engraved with "Disney, ©DISNEY, MADE IN CHINA, FAC- 065120-22108-21313" on a plain gold metal background. Each pin has one post with two nubs