Mickey & Goofy Ambulance First Aid Team Paramedic Nurse JDS Japan Disney Pin C01


Japan Exclusive

Goofy and Mickey hurry to the scene of an accident on this Japan DS pin. The duo are in a red-trimmed white emergency vehicle, facing right, with red siren on the hood of the vehicle cab. Goofy, in the passenger side, hangs out the window. He is dressed in a blue doctor uniform, has a stethoscope around his neck (held by his left hand) and a gray doctor's bad with a red heart on it (in his right hand, near the rear of the van). Mickey Mouse is also hanging out the driver's side window, pointing to the right with his left hand while steering with his right hand. The pin measures 2 1/8" (53 mm) wide by 1 1/4" (32 mm) tall. The reverse has the DS logo, plus "© DISNEY, MADE IN CHINA."


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