Minnie Mouse Top Conversion Cast Award Disney Pin B01


Limited Edition of 300
Cast Member Award 
Not on Card

This is an award pin exclusively for Disney's Travel Company Cast Members in 2003. The rectangular pin is Minnie Mouse in a blue dress with a pink bow and pink shoes talking on the phone. It is framed in blue with the words "Top Conversion" at the bottom. Its equivalent is Daisy #22622. This pin (stamped "CAST EXCLUSIVE") is a cast exclusive, and a limited edition of 300 from the Walt Disney Travel Company, and so much more. In 2003 a new initiative was created to reward Cast Members of the WDTC for their hard work and performance in reaching their "Magic Measures". This was the 1st year WDTC CMs were rewarded with a pin. At the time the WDTC was two sections, those who worked RESPRO and those who booked the resort hotels directly, CRO. Each side was offered 4 pins to be earned by the one top person each month, in each category; Top Conversion, Top Revenue per Hour, Top Revenue Per Arrival, and 100% Service. If there was no "TOP", the pin was not distributed. Once a month, eight or less pins were distributed for one year. In order for a Cast Member to acquire the entire set of eight, (s)he needed to work to earn the pins from her/his system, plus duplicates, and trade with a Cast Member from who worked and earned duplicates from the other system. The rectangles were a limited edition, cast exclusive of 300, and only distributed in 2003. The shape was changed in 2004, where the edition size was expanded to 250.


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