Oogie Boogie Nightmare Before Christmas Portrait Hinge WDI Disney Pin D07


Limited Edition of 300
Walt Disney Imagineering Exclusive

This pin is one of four new pins at WDI that feature Jack Skellington dressed as Santa (actions depending on the pin) and Zero (has on a santa hat). Each pin in the center has a coffin with the evil wreath on the lower half of the coffin. The Haunted Mansion Logo is in the center of the wreath's mouth, the coffin has a square opening that shows a hint of what is inside. The coffin door opens to reveal the cast of the NBC film in the styles of the stretching portraits in the Haunted Mansion. This pin features Oogie (the tight rope walker) holding a pink umbrella trying not to fall in to the mouth of the crocodile waiting at the bottom. Jack has a giant sack of coal waiting for Oogie while Zero has a big smile. The background of the pin seams to be the side of a brick wall. With a Christmas tree on one side of the coffin. The size is approx 2" each direction.


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