Peter Pan & Tinker Bell 25th Anniversary Silver Key Japan Disney 2 Pin Set C08


2 Pin Set
Japan Exclusive

This is Tokyo Disneyland 25th Anniversary Pin. It will be given out to guests with a paid admission ticket 04/15/2008 at Tokyo Disneyland. It features Tinker Bell from Peter Pan. Square pin with silver key in the shape of a Mickey icon for 25th anniversary and light green background. All pins from the series will be released on the commemorative date in the 25th anniversary year. This is the 1st series for Tokyo Disneyland 25th Anniversary

Peter Pan, flying, is sketching Tinker Bell. He has a pencil in his right hand and is wearing a blue pair of mouse ears with silver ears. NOTE: ONLY PETER PAN IS A PIN. Tinker Bell and the easel are printed on the card. The pin (#60721) can be piled up to the campus part


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