Pluto and Goofy Disneyland Is Home Laughter Disney Parks Pin S02


Limited Edition of 1500
Disneyland Resort Exclusive


This pin features Pluto and Goofy. The background is pale blue and green. They are in front of The Golden Horseshoe Restaurant in Frontierland, Disneyland. The building is tan, olive green, army green, and light gray with 3 flag poles and a red flag, white flag, and an orange flag. Pluto is in the bottom left corner and Goofy in the upper right corner. They are both laughing. There is an orange heart jewel and an orange mickey head. There are 5 polka dots, one large purple, one large lime green, two small greenish yellow, and one pink.The text at the bottom is inside clear "stained glass" with a dark pink background and says "THERE'S ALWAYS LAUGHTER AT MY HOME".


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