Pocahontas 25th Anniversary Movie Anniversary 2020 Cast Disney Pin C07


Limited Edition of 500
Cast Member Exclusive

This listing is for the May 2020 release celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the movie "Pocahontas" of 1995. Due to the pandemic, the pin was released only in October. It's a pin on pin design, of which the background is shiny green with branches and leaves. In the foreground is Pocahontas staring straight forward behind a a stick sign that reads Pocahontas 25th Anniversary. She is wearing her yellow buckskin dress and a blue necklace. Her right hand is just above the sign, her left is by Meeko's head peeking from behind the banner. Between both on this pin-on-pin repeats a part of the background. Flit, the hummingbird is also present, in the background, on the right, just behind Pocahontas' hair. Back of the Pin 4 boxes: Official Pin Trading 2020 stamp, Disney Theme Parks Cast Exclusive, Limited Edition of 500, ©Disney Made in China. FAC is etched in. 2 posts, gold tone based with classic Mickey head waffle patter. Pins dimensions: 3cm x 4.4cm.


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