Robin Hood, Little John, Maid Marian Fairytale Book Boxed Disney Pin O01


Limited Edition of 500
Disney Parks Exclusive

Released during the 20 YEARS OF PIN TRADING Virtual Event on 13-14 November 2020. This pin is one of the FAIRYTALE BOOK SERIES, featuring a pin inside a collector box that looked like a book. Each pin was designed by artist Maria Stuckey and features the single green gem for the 20th Anniversary. This was Item #14 in the catalogue, and the pin features Robin Hood the Fox, Little John the Bear, and Maid Marian the Vixen against a green leafy background. Robin Hood is standing in front of an archery target, holding his bow. Little John is at the top right with his arms crossed, and Maid Marian is at the bottom right, looking at Robin with a dreamy look on her face and her hands clasped in front of her. She is a pin-on-pin element. The box looks like the story book seen in the beginning of the film. 


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